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Opensource, email reconnaissance with CLI / API support.
With a framework to build on.

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About SimplyEmail

What is SimplyEmail recon tool? This tool was based off the work of theHarvester and kind of a port of the functionality.

This was just an expansion of what was used to build theHarvester and will incorporate his work but allow users to easily build Modules for the Framework. Which I felt was desperately needed after multiple engagments.

Download SimplyEmail

You can GIT SimplyEmail at GitHub easily or download the zip package.

Visit GitHub Page

Contact / Other Projects

Feel free to email me, tweet me and follow some my other active projects. This project is currently still under active devlopment.

SimplyEmail API

SimplyEmail has a built in RESTful API for easy intergration into your every day recon needs! I currently host a public API, but is in Alpha stage and not open for public use at the moment.

API Documentation

Project Current Status

Bellow is the current devlopment status of SimplyEmail and a few mettrics:

Code Coverage